About Us

SQS Solutions has been providing services in the quality control sector for 14 years.
Our strength is the specialized staff - their high work and organizational culture, knowledge and extensive experience. Our priority is the quality and reliability of our services.
We specialize in providing selection, control and repair services - details and components as well as finished products. We guarantee security and reliable service. We are constantly expanding the network of experts / residents at our clients’ plants across Europe.

distinguish us?

Our client can be sure that every project and every task are carried out with the highest precision, and with use of the best engineering solutions. Our team is perfectly trained and organised, and our priority is always quality and reliability of our services.
Our MISSION is to get to our goal by Continuous Process Improvement. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT.

  • Knowledge and experience - we are systematically expanding the expert base. Many years of experience in the field of quality control allowed us to develop solutions that meet even the most advanced needs of Managers and Engineers. We have created a comprehensive network of the highest quality services around the world, which provided us with extensive, proven contacts, for example we have gained the trust of glob- al manufacturers such as Hyundai, KIA Motors and Suzuki.
  • Our employees - their high culture of work and organization. SQS Solutions staff consists of best engineers, graduates of the best technical universities, who transfer their years of experience gained within the structures of international production concerns - mainly Automotive sectors - to the cooperation between the Client and SQS.
  • Effectiveness - our consultants work together perfectly.